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Amzad Basha Kolar, . and Ghouse Basha, M. (2014) In Vitro Tuberization and Quantitative Analysis of Colchicine Using Hptlc in Gloriosa Superba . L an Endangered Medicinal Plant of Pachamalai Hills, a Part of Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu. International Journal of Pharma and Bio Science, 5 (2). pp. 300-310. ISSN 0975-6299

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Ankola, K. and Vaishnavi, N. and Supriya, V.K. and Arun Prakash, . and Rajas Rao, . and Puttaraju, H.P. (2015) An Efficient Innate Immune Response of Danaus Genutia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) Larvae is Independent of Hemocyte Concentration against E. Coli. Entomological News, 125 (2). pp. 147-150. ISSN 2162-3236

Ankola, Kunal. and Krishna, Kavya. and Swamy, Priyanka. and Arun,, P. and Akhila, C.M. and Archana, M.R. and Sudarshan, N.M. and Sunil Kumar, G.N. and Puttaraju, H.P. (2013) Life History Traits of Talicada nyseus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) Butterfly Under Laboratory Conditions. Entomological News, 123 (3). pp. 188-190. ISSN 2162-3236

Ashith Acharya, B. and Savitha, J. and Suresh Nadagoudar, V. (2009) Professional negligence in dental practice: Potential for civil and criminal liability in India. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 1 (1). pp. 2-7. ISSN 0975-2137


Deepak Sanil, . and Vinaya Shetty, . and purushothama, D. V. and Shetty, N. J. (2018) A Cytogenetic Photomap from Ovarian Nurse Cell Polytene Chromosome of Anopheles Stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) : A Comparative Study. The Nucleus, 61 (2). pp. 1-10. ISSN 0976-7975


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Guruprasad, N.M. and Sumithra, . and Mouton, L. and Puttaraju, H.P. (2012) Long PCR: A sensitive PCR protocol for amplification of Wolbachia endosymbiont in Indian honey bees. Journal of Entomological Research, 36 (2). pp. 119-122. ISSN 03789519


Huchesh, H.C. and Puttaraju, H.P. (2014) Overview of Distribution and Diversity of Wolbachia Endosymbiont among the Different Geographical Populations of Indian Uzifly, Exorista Sorbillans (Diptera: Tachinidae). Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 2 (2). pp. 119-124. ISSN 2320-7078


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Kaviyarasi, N.S. and Sarkar, S. and Suryanarayana, V.V.S (2015) Characterization of a Gene Encoding Serrapeptidase from Serratia Marcescens Strain (SRM) MTCC 8708, a Plant Isolate. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences ;, 2 (8). pp. 206-214. ISSN 2319 - 7706

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Khalid Mohammed Naji, . and Maher Ali Al-Maqtari, . and Adnan Ali Al-Asbahi, . and Qais Yusuf, M. and Abdullah, R. and Nagesh Babu, . and Varadahally Rangaiah Devaraj, . (2015) Effect of Daily Chewing Soft Buds and Leaves of Catha edulis (Khat) on the Antioxidant Defense System and Oxidative Stress Markers in Blood. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 40 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2191-4281

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Ravichandra Shivalingappa Davargaon, . and Asha Devi Sambe, . and Subramanyam Muthangi, V. V. (2019) Trolox Prevents High Glucose-Induced Apoptosis in Rat Myocardial H9c2 Cells by Regulating Glut-4 and Antioxidant Defense Mechanism. IUBMB Life, 71 (12). pp. 1876-1895. ISSN 1521-6551

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