Benefits of Open Access Institutional Repository

Strategic Benefits

  1. Content free to all with access to Internet (Good for readers)
  2. Universal access as against limited access of journal articles to subscribers
  3. Easier information discovery as IR items gets indexed by many search engines like Google and harvesters like OaiSter
  4. Facilitate new computational research techniques and pathways, such as text mining, creation of text-data linkages, etc
  5. Not just journal articles, but conference papers, presentations, patents, images and research data
  6. Repositories being managed by libraries long term access and preservation ensured.
  7. Persistent access with permanent URL with no more dead links
  8. Increases impact of articles (raises visibility of developing country science)
  9. Increases usage, forges partnerships (Good for authors)
  10. Maximises return on investments (Good for funders)
  11. Shows institutional achievement (Good for institutes)
  12. Administrative tool for recruitments and assessments (Good for institutes)

For Society

  1. Provide access to the world’s research
  2. Ensures long-term preservation of institutes’ academic output
  3. Motivating research by making intellectual output open (free) for have-not’s (ultimately to the betterment of mankind)

For Institutions:

  1. Stewardship of scholarly output
  2. Enables Institution to publicise its research output of their scientists and technologists
  3. Increases institution’s visibility and prestige
  4. Complete intellectual output can be preserved and presented in one place rather than spreading amongst various resources (Journals, Conf. proceedings, Patents, Technical Reports, etc.,)
  5. IR plays as an effective advertisement tool in attracting external revenues, talents, etc.,
  6. To keep track of Intellectual output for various administrative tasks (Assessment, publishing reports etc.,)
  7. Proactive response to scholarly communication crisis/open access movement

For Authors:

  1. Available freely on institutional repository increases citations of an author
  2. More citations to author means more visibility to the work.
  3. Helps in quality assessment of an individuals work
  4. Increases profile of an author on world wide basis and in subject domain
  5. Regular submission to the repository provides an author with central archive of his/her work
  6. Guarantied preservation with persistent URL