Mineralization of scheelite from Hutti gold mines Raichur District, Karnataka State, India

Pathan, A.M. and Virupakshi, P. (1988) Mineralization of scheelite from Hutti gold mines Raichur District, Karnataka State, India. Indian Mineralogist, 1987 (28). pp. 79-85. ISSN 0019-5928

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Samples from various lodes in different levels of the Hutti Au mines (India) were studied using short wave UV light. This resulted in locating rich occurrences of scheelite in sulfide-​poor reefs at the 500 m level. The scheelite deposits at Hutti exhibit a time-​bound relation to metavolcanic rocks of Proterozoic greenstone belts. The Formations in the Hutti-​Maski belt include lower quartz-​biotite, quartz-​sericite and sheared chlorite schist, with an upper dominantly volcanic member contg. pillow lavas, and banded actinolite schist intruded by sills and plug-​like bodies of quartz porphyry. The main Au-​bearing lode system consists of 9 reefs, 3 of which have significant scheelite mineralization. The scheelite mineralization is patchy and erratic in distribution, where lenses and veins are common. From the field and mineralogical studies it appears that scheelite is mostly restricted to fractures in cherty quartz, and Au to gray quartz. It is inferred that scheelite deposition was early and genetically connected with volcanic rocks. The original formation of W mineral was in the form or impregnations and disseminations. Later magnetic and metamorphic events caused transformations, remobilization, and concn. of the minerals into the new sites in the form of veins and lenses of scheelite.

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