Electronic spectra of octahedral rhodium(III)​-​diphenylethylarsine complexes

Leelamani, E.G. and Gowda, N.M.N. and Reddy, G.K.N. (1976) Electronic spectra of octahedral rhodium(III)​-​diphenylethylarsine complexes. Vignana Bharathi (Vignana Bharati Bangalore University journal of science), 2 (2). pp. 81-6. ISSN 0377-8487

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Electronic spectra of octahedral complexes of the types, RhX3L3, RhX3QL2, [RhX2(N-​N)​L2]​ClO4 and [HRhX(N-​N)​L2]​ClO4 (X = Cl, Br; L = Ph2EtAs; Q = Py, p-​tolyl isocyanide; N-​N = bipy, phen) were investigated. In the complexes of the types, RhX3L3 and RhX3PyL2 only the 1A1 → 1T1 (d-​d) transition is obs. and the 2A1 → 1T2 transition appears to have shifted to a higher energy region and is masked by charge-​transfer bands. In the other complexes both these (d-​d) transitions are obscured by the charge-​transfer bands. Assignments were also made for the obsd. charge-​transfer bands.

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