Granolites of Sivasamudram area, Karnataka

Mahabaleswar, B. (1976) Granolites of Sivasamudram area, Karnataka. Vignana Bharathi (Vignana Bharati Bangalore University journal of science), 2 (2). pp. 104-9. ISSN 0377-8487

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The title region lies within the southern charnockitic region, representing deeply eroded parts of the earth's crust and consisting largely of 2-​pyroxene facies rocks (gneisses and granites)​. Assocd. with these rocks are a suite of intrusions of doleritic, spessartitic, and dioritic compn. The sedimentary origin of the parent rocks is indicated by stratigraphic-​lithol., petrog. (absence of diffusion grain-​boundaries, presence of exsoln. perthites, rounded and zoned zircons, and absence of metasomatic reworking)​, and petrochem. evidence (simple chem. compn.)​. The charnockitic granolites lacking hornblende formed under very high temp., very low H2O pressure, and very high S partial pressure.

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