Age related circadian responsiveness of MAO [monoamine oxidase] inhibitors

Radha, E. (1978) Age related circadian responsiveness of MAO [monoamine oxidase] inhibitors. Springer US, pp. 301-308. ISBN 978-1-4757-4460-6

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In 2-​mo old rats, the max. inhibitory effect of procaine-​HCl (I) [51-​05-​8] and Gerovital H3 [51-​05-​8] on brain monoamine oxidase (MAO) [9001-​66-​5] was seen at 1,​200 h, whereas for 9-​mo old rats the max effect was obsd. at 2,​000 h. Compared with brain levels, the level of MAO in the liver was much lower in 9-​mo old animals than in 2-​mo old animals. In 2-​mo old rats, the liver MAO had a peak at 0800 h, whereas in 9-​mo old animals the MAO levels remained almost the same throughout the circadian cycle. In the brain, the inhibition of MAO activity with both Gerovital H3 and I was below 50​% at 0400 and 0800 h, whereas in the liver it was below 50​% at only 0800 h. The time of peak occurrence of both brain and liver MAO (in both 2- and 9-​mo old rats) corresponded to the time of min. inhibition. Thus, MAO does have an age dependent activity, and inhibition of MAO (in the prophylaxis of aging disorders) does appear to have a circadian variation.

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