Study of alpha-transfer Reaction 28si( 7li,t) 32S

Madhusoodhanan, T. and Mandal, S. and Raja Rao, M. and Shyam, R. and Lagare, M.T. and Puttaswamy, N.G. and Mandal, A. and Avasthi, D.K. and Datta, S.K. (1999) Study of alpha-transfer Reaction 28si( 7li,t) 32S. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 25 (9). pp. 1897-1907. ISSN 09543899

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The 28Si( 7Li,t) 32S reaction has been studied at 48 MeV. Using a alphat potential overlap based on a microscopic cluster model, the full finite-range distorted wave Born approximation analysis was carried out for nine low-lying states; 0.0 MeV (0+), 2.23 MeV (2+), 3.78 MeV (0+), 4.46 MeV (4+), 5.01 MeV (3-), 5.80 MeV (1-), 6.76 MeV (3-), 7.43 MeV (1-) and 8.49 MeV (1-) of the residual nucleus. A re-analysis was also done for the same states of 32S having an alphad overlap for the reaction 28Si (6Li, d) 32S at 75.6 MeV. Theoretical spectroscopic factors have been calculated for the measured even-parity states of 32S using the shell model code OXBASH. The spectroscopic factors were compared for both the reactions.

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