Catalytic activity of Rh(CO)2(bBzlH2py)CI.1.5H 2O and CoCI(bBzlH2py)2 CI.2H2O

Alexander, S. and Gayathri, V. and Nanjegowda, N.M. (2007) Catalytic activity of Rh(CO)2(bBzlH2py)CI.1.5H 2O and CoCI(bBzlH2py)2 CI.2H2O. Journal of Chemical Research (9). pp. 521-524. ISSN 03082342

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The complex Rh(CO)2(bBzlH2py)CI.1.5H2O bBzlH2py = 2,6-bis(benzimidazolyl)pyridine reversibly binds CO and in alcoholic solvents loses CO to form yellow RhCI(bBzlH2py)(OH 2).H2O. When NO or O2 gas was passed through a 2-methoxy ethanolic solution of Rh(CO)2(bBzlH2py)CI, formation of CO2 was observed. Hence the possible catalytic activity of the complex towards the reactions NO + CO, CO + O2, and NO + O2 was studied and the NO + CO system is quite promising. The complexes Rh(CO)2(bBzlH2py)CI.1.5H2O and CoCI(bBzlH2py)2CI.2H2O were tested for their possible catalytic activity towards oxidation of alcohols using O2 and H2O2/O2 as oxidants. These complexes in the presence of H2O2 at refluxing temperature convert alcohols to aldehydes/ketones/acids.

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